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We are Dan and Shannon McIlmoyle, owners and operators of Kootenay Spice homemade spice products. We have lived in the West Kootenay region of BC, Canada since 2007 and enjoy a life of friends, family and fabulous food!

We enjoy barbecuing, smoking, gardening, pretty much anything to do with food that we can do outside! We grow many of our own, personal herbs, garlic, tomatoes and veggies. We make our own bread, dough and pasta and are always experimenting with new flavours, cheeses and other yummy delicacies. We absolutely love finding new herbs, tasting new spices and especially finding a new recipe to play with and learn from! From baking bread to making vinegar to curing our own bacon and dry aging our own meats, we always look forward to the challenge of a new recipe!

At Kootenay Spice, we are all about flavour. Every one of our recipes has evolved into what we believe is the ultimate in taste. Trial, error and countless hours of research enable us to create herbs and seasoning blends in just the right proportions.

We have grown so tired of the overload of iodized salt in many popular canned goods. Of course we use salt in some of our products, however we use Kootenay Spice Smoked Salt (Mediterranean Sea Salt smoked over hickory & apple woods). Not only because it tastes better, but you also don’t need to use as much. We use it more as a garnish at the end of meals and not as a base for our flavour.

Thanks so much for checking out or pages! Keep checking back for new products, tips, techniques and tasty recipes!

Please be sure to let us know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover in our blog! Comment at the bottom of this page or email us at info@kootenayspice.com