Kootenay Spice is now a little less salty

One of the most frequent requests Kootenay Spice has gotten at our local vendor markets is for reduced salt and/or salt free products. Of course, we have had some salt free and low-salt choices from the very beginning, but have recently decided to take it a step further.

As many of you know, we have always kept our salt levels to a minimum. This July, we have completely taken the salt out of some of our products that did not contain or require much in the first place. Of course, some flavours like Kootenay Jerk and Cajun Seasoning require salt to taste as good as they do; others are just as good without (you can always add a sprinkle of Smoked Rock Salt if you would rather have a little in your meal).

Kootenay Spice’s salt free product listing now includes:

Garlic Pepper
Grilled Chicken
4 Pepper Blend (Ground Pepper)
Herbs de Provence
Italian Seasoning
Kootenay Chicken
Kootenay Fish
Lemon Garlic Pepper
Garlic Pepper
Poultry Seasoning
Smoked Pepper (NEW!)

no salt label large

As always, we can always conjure up a custom order of these products with a little bit of salt, or our other products with a little less. Be sure to send us an email before you order and we’ll make things work for you!

If you are going to add a little salt of your own, don’t forget about our Seasoned and Lemon Salts too!


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