Sauces & Such

If you have not tried any of Kootenay Spice’s delicious sauces, you are missing out!


BBQ Sauce – $6

A sweet and savoury flavour, perfect for beef, fish, chicken, ribs and veggies. Try it with Kootenay Spice Rib Rub!


Rosemary Balsamic Drizzle – $8

Balsamic vinegar reduced with a touch of sweetness and a rosemary twist. Ideal for salads, pork, veggies and so much more!


Sweet Maple Chili Sauce – $6

This sauce starts out sweet and finished with a bang!


Smoked Garlic Cloves – small $7 – large $12

Fresh garlic briefly soaked in honey and veggie oil, smoked for 5-8 hours, dehydrated overnight and smoked for an additional 3 hours the next day.

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