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BBQ potatoes & corn on the cob

Summer is almost here and BBQ season is in full swing at Kootenay Spice! Ok, Ok, BBQ season never really ends around here, but we do tend to do a lot more in the summer months!

Our last post, the perfect steak, was so good that we considered already retiring the indoor cooking for the season and stick to outdoors until at least October. We realize it’s not quite time yet, but we sure are excited for it!

As promised in our last post, we are now sharing our technique for the perfect potatoes and corn on the cob, both done on the BBQ! This potato method is our go-to for summer potatoes and once you try the BBQ corn, you will realize why we enjoy it so much!




Start off with soaking the corn cobs, in their husks, in a large bowl of water. You will likely need to weigh them down with something (we’ve used a dinner plate) to keep them fully submerged. Soak for at least 2 hours, longer if you have the time.

The potatoes will take longer to cook, so you will want to start them aboout 20  minutes before the corn.

Preheat the grill to medium-high, about 400°F.

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To prepare the potatoes, carefully poke them with a fork to allow a few air holes through the skin. Generously coat them in oil and sprinkle with Kooteay Spice Smoked Rock Salt. Coarse salt is important in this recipe.


Place the potatoes on the hot grill and flip every 15 to 20 minutes, until they are cooked, about 1 hour.


Remove the corn from the water. Place them, in their husks, on the grill and flip every 10-15 mniutes for about 40 minutes.


When we made these with our perfectly cooked steak, we kept them in our still warm, but turned off oven to keep warm while the steaks were on the grill.


Serve with butter, sour cream and chives, alongside your favourite BBQ main dish and enjoy the summer BBQ season!