sage oregano

spring gardening

It has been a very warm spring in the West Kootenay this year and we are thrilled for the extension of our Kootenay Spice gardening season! In the past week we’ve transplanted many of the plants we started indoors and have sowed seeds into most of our gardens.

Our lilacs are in full bloom.

dark purple lilacs

Our garlic should be ready to harvest in early-mid July.


We’ve planted potatoes in burlap bags. Roll the sides down at first and make the bag taller as the potatoes need mounding.


We’ve planted dozens of basil plants this year. We also have very healthy oregano and sage plants that are already well established.

basil 1

sage oregano

Our tomato plants are doing well and our pepper plants seem very healthy. The pepper seedlings require the most work, they don’t seem to like temperatures below 20˚C, so we are still bringing them in for the nighttime.


pepper seedlings

Scattered through our Kootenay Spice gardens are ‘guest rocks’ from our wedding last summer. Instead of a traditional guest book that would get tucked away, we opted for guests to sign rocks that we can enjoy every day in our gardens. And you know what? This rock is absolutely right, life sure is good together!

life is good rock

Happy gardening!